On Tue, 29 Aug 2000, Mark-Jason Dominus wrote:

> Not everyone knows enough about Perl's internal design or about
> programming design generally to be able to consider the issues.  I
> suggest that these people should write to the approrpriate working
> group chair and ask to be put in touch with someone who can help them
> with the internals sections of their RFC.  Then they can work out some
> of the details together and we might avoid some of the more obviously
> half-baked suggestions.

Which was more or less the point of the RFC process, no?  Throw an
idea out there (in RFC format, as requested), and garner the pros and
cons.  In some cases, the RFCs are simply a formalization of a lot of
unsubstantial discussion - everyone things that "foo" should do "bar" -
but no one knows how.  At least get that request documented.

The internal RFCs have become a little difficult, at least for me, to
write a full implementation section on.  Why?  Because I don't know
enough about Perl 6 internals.  But oddly enough, neither does anyone
else, because there aren't any.  Yet.

It's hitting a moving target - much like what the entire RFC process
has become.  :-(

Bryan C. Warnock

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