>   I believe in having small control teams (2-3 people) assigned to
> each issue; these teams act as moderators for whatever they are
> implementing.  These teams consist entirely of proven people.  Give
> the control teams whatever they need to function: read-only + public
> mailing lists, etc.  Everyone else requests to work with one or more
> groups (requests should go either to centralized project management or
> to the group itself, I'm not sure which).
>   A degree of formality for code reviews and "apprenticeships" would
> be good.

  Oh, yeah.  I should have also mentioned I believe in a hierarchical
structure for these groups, sort of like the working group thing we
have now, only better.  Top level issues might include the API, the
parser, whatever, and the control groups create subgroups, filling
them with people they deem competent and inviting anyone who wants to
to help out the subgroup.

J. David

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