David Grove wrote:
> Read-only and carefully censored lists are irrelevant to the goals of
> Perl 6's giving voice to the perl community.  They lead us right back
> where we were before, with a core group free to sit back unchallenged
> on their complacency and let Perl go to rot.  

What does "unchallenged on their complacency" mean?  In the world of
OSS, those that have time and inclination design or code things they
find interesting.  If no one champions a cause, nothing happens.  It
sounds like you are saying that if the community wants Feature X and no
one steps up to write the code to add Feature X to perl, then "the
community" should somehow be able to force the developers that are
already working on some aspect of perl to add Feature X.

> However, I don't agree that the developers should be able to ignore
> the community within a closed-off little clique.

What community needs do you feel are being ignored?

Jonathan Scott Duff

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