Nathan Wiger wrote:
> I was going to suggest a criteria for initial membership of having
> authored at least a CPAN module or core patch, but I'm not sure. It
> seems reasonable that someone shouldn't be programming core if they
> haven't really done anything big in Perl before (and given it back), but
> I'm not sure if this is too strict.

I happen to be someone who -hasn't- given anything back to Perl (yet?).
Here's my 2c.

(a) This will have the effect of shutting out folks that may have
(b) Just because someone has contributed something to CPAN doesn't mean
it was of quality.

It seems like this would be (sorry if I'm putting words in your mouth,
David) exactly the kind of thing David would have a problem with:
exclusionary based on previous perl-formance.

That being said, I agree you need -some- kind of measurement of how
people can/have contribute... I think that it makes sense for the
-chair- of a particular section be someone with perl experience, and if
they have "newbies" that can design and code, so be it.


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