Dan Sugalski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> At 09:31 AM 10/10/00 -0600, John Barnette wrote:

>> D'you think it's a possibility to provide read-only access to the lists
>> for interested parties?  I'm certainly not competent enough to
>> contribute to a core discussion, for example, but I have no doubt that
>> my eventual Perl6 facility would be greatly increased by observing the
>> dialogue.

> Read-only access is a must for any list like this, and with more than
> just a web archive. I'm sure Ask will set things up so anyone that likes
> can subscribe to the read-only version of the list.

Ask and I have both been incredibly busy, but I believe it's even still
the intention to make the traffic of the mailing lists available as
newsgroups as well (with posts receiving an autoresponse explaining the
nature of the mailing list and how to go about participating if the person
really wants to).

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