At 08:50 PM 10/10/00 -0500, David Grove wrote:
>Group: I have now had seventeen requests to fork perl from people other than
>"elitists" apparently joking (?) about it.

I haven't been. I don't think anyone else has either. It's not a joke, and 
it is a valid thing to do.

>The answer is ABSOLUTELY NO. Stop asking. If _YOU_ fork it, don't consider 
>yourself any advocate of Perl or this community! The problems in this 
>community are not solved by secession.

That's a rather absolutist and silly thing to say. Sometimes secession *is* 
a valid option. In some cases it's a better option. I'd far rather that 
someone with a profound difference in opinion of the direction of 
development fork and go off on their own, rather than either stay and make 
lots of folks (including themselves) miserable or having the community as a 
whole lose them.

Forking isn't bad. The world's certainly not a worse place for having all 
the various BSD and SysV Unix forks. (Most of the commercial Unices 
qualify, as do the *BSDs) Neither is it a bad place for having the GCC fork 
not all that long ago.


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