David Grove writes:
> I'm not sure that unanymity wouldn't be going overboard for Perl,

Except that it's not unanimity of individuals, who are cantankerous
and troublesome, but unanimity of teams.  Each team has the moderating
influences of three people to try to reach consensus.  The release
manager might work with a team that can't agree to help them reach a
decision, but nobody would be imposing will from above.

> but that would be a decision internal to the QA group, correct?

The QA group ain't special.  It has a role to play, but so do the code
maintainers and the user liaison folks.

> Have I tangented with this, or are we still making sense to each other?

You seem still to be making sense.  Are we agreed that we have a good
ongoing model to try when we get to that stage?


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