David Grove wrote:
> No two or more members of a single company on (QA Team|Any Team)? If 
> any team, for the purpose of development, it's not entirely logical/feasable, 
> is it? 

I think it's not feasible generally.  Maybe if you tighten up your
definition of "single company".  For example, I work for a company
with over 35000 employees all over the country.  Who knows how many
of them would want to participate in p6 development?  It shouldn't
matter, because my company has no interest in the direction p6 takes,
and would never, ever meddle in the way you fear.

Also, your limit of 2 per committee doesn't make much sense, since
a committee might only have 3 members, in which case 2 is a majority.
Make strict minority is a better spec.

John Porter

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