David Grove wrote:
> The 
> community need that I _know_ is being ignored is the ability to have a perl
> that's not taking a dive toward being slopped all over with the four-colored
> flag.

  David, please, you must be more specific and less idiomatic.  I
don't even know what the four-colored flag is.  I keep thinking I
understand you, but I keep hearing you say you're not repeating
everything because it's an old argument.  Every time you get pressed
to say more, you use this expression I don't understand.

> To those who don't know the old argument, which out of respect for the list
> and
> the listmaster I won't detail, I'm not talking about features so much as
> corporate collusion and corporate control.

  Could you please at least provide links to a few key messages on the
p5p archives?  You keep saying that others agree with what you're
saying but are silent or have left.  Please: where are their messages?

  Why can't you fork your own development process, if it means this
much to you and others?  Won't they join you?


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