At 05:59 PM 10/10/00 -0500, David Grove wrote:
>On Tuesday, October 10, 2000 3:27 PM, Simon Cozens [SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> > Consider:
> >     "Public Opinion": Hey, we need Perl 6 stable in three weeks.
> >     Coders: But, uhm, we haven't started coding yet.
>    Microsoft: We need Perl by April 15th
>    Head Cheese: Ok, sure
>    P5P: HuH???
>    "Public Opinion": HuH???
>    [Result: Perl 5.6 chaos]

No, M$ didn't have much to do with it. You can yell at Larry and Camel 
deadlines if you like, but that's wrong too.

5.6 was released because it was mostly done, more stable than 5.005 for the 
bits it had in common, and because of general apathy in the developer realm 
for the bits that were unfinished. Like, for example, Unicode.

>No, offense, Dan. This isn't targeting you. I think you're starting to 
>realize  this now. At first, I think you thought I was.

No, I never thought you were. Or, more specifically, I never really gave it 
much thought and didn't care if you were or not. You mistook courtesy, lack 
of time, and a desire to not appear domineering for offense.


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