>>>>> "David" == David Grove <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

David> The community need that I _know_ is being ignored is the
David> ability to have a perl that's not taking a dive toward being
David> slopped all over with the four-colored flag. Community interest
David> must take a higher precedence in the development of Perl 6 than
David> corporate interests, if Perl 6 is to be a "community project"
David> at all.

Your rantings are based on unverified claims, once again.

In case someone comes into the middle of this conversation, please
read the past threads that reveal at every turn just how disconnected
David is from reality on this point.

David> To those who do know the old argument and still think I'm
David> paranoid, just see the logic in being _able_ to control the
David> problem, since it is definitely at least a potential.

David - some of being part of a community means that YOU won't have
control.  I think you keep forgetting that.

There is one person to whom you will have to defer your control
ultimately, and that's Larry Wall.  Larry will do what he does with
Perl.  If you don't like it, the door is over there.  Get used to

Larry approved Sarathy's release of 5.6, including the timing and the
content.  Stop using that as an example of some evil corporate greed.

Larry is probably one of the truest
can't-be-influenced-by-corporate-greed people I know.  You disrespect
him when you suggest the process is being undermined.

David> I _choose_ not to be paying for perl by 2005.

And Larry will ensure that.  If you can't trust him to do that, please
stop using Perl now, to cut your losses.

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