This sounds very doable. I will include the why's of why the
book was recommended (basically a copy of the submitter's 
comments). Categorizing sounds like a good idea. If
the list grows any longer, we'll be scrolling for years.
The categories you suggested looks like a good start:
Project Management, Theory and General. It'll be best to keep 
the category list to a very minimum. So if anyone has a better
category list please post your suggestions before I get home
and start implementing my templates ;)


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At 03:56 AM 10/11/00 -0700, Carlos Ramirez wrote:
>Here's a listing of 'recommended reading' gathered from this list
>(provided by Nat). I'm not sure if this will be a permanent place for
>this link, but for now you can get it here. If i left out a book or if
>you have a new suggestion you can contact me or post it here and I will
>add them as soon as i can.

This is nicely done, and thanks.

There are two things I was hoping to add to the list: short reasons as to 
*why* a particular book is on the p6 reading list (The ones on for distinct 
reasons, like Understanding Comics or Garbage Collection, I'd like 
differentiated from general CS texts), and categories of books so we can 
separate the project management from the theory from the general background 
texts, and suchlike.



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