>>>>> "TC" == Tom Christiansen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

TC> Wait.  I see now: you've asked us to endorse murdering children in
TC> their sleep.  Same answer: I won't do it because it's evil and
TC> wrong.  I am vehemently and vociferously opposed to software that
TC> is installed *ANYWHERE* without documentation.  If there is no
TC> documentation, there is no decent software, just pain-in-the-ass
TC> crapware.

So we shouldn't install Perl on a Palm since the documentation
wouldn't fit?

What's the difference between physical incapability, or practical

Or perhaps, an embeded application that doesn't reveal the api
must ship with the perl documentation?

You are being a bit fascist here.

I want documentation as much as the next person. But the machines that
I distribute the application on, have _NO_ direct human users. They
are purely application servers. I don't want a minimum stripped down
perl installation that will get my job done.

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