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CRT> rm them.

Sure, and I can sling around the manpages after they have been installed
in the wrong place. I can also run all of the make files by hand.

If I can go in and simply comment out the INSTALL section of the makefile
(which I have to tweak occasionally) why not simply make it an option.

We aren't discussing taint mode. We are trying to make some poor 
sysadmins life easier.

I've got scripts that chroot and then run installation into a naked
tree. Then after exiting the environment I have a clean nice place
to work from either making a tarball or just using SysV packaging.

Why make life hard, an option can be a lot easier than having to
manually rm stuff. (I.e. rm everything except perldiag.pod.)
And what about when the installation changes? Or ....

Perl is about making things easy.

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