>So this would break any code which interacts with pod: Pod::Usage, perlman,
>perlhelp, etc. 

NB: perlhelp == perlman with a particular metapage named perlhelp,
which knows to search the pod library linewise.

>Which I suppose just adds weight to the don't go there,
>highly discouraged ultimatum. I'd previously been thinking of stripping pod,
>comments, and documentation in the context of stripping symbols from an
>object file. 


>What else besides forced verbose warnings (aka diagnostics) would be

Um, usage messages, sometimes.

>How badly non-functional would the resulting Perl distribution be?  Less
>than 100% functional does not mean it wouldn't be functional. An "embed
>perl" distribution might be willing to live with less than everthing.

I'll bet it's not worth it.  Don't you have decent block/frag setups?


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