* Juerd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2006-05-28 19:35]:
> - MediaWiki-compatible syntax

I hate the Mediawiki syntax. Can we have something that
understands blocks, like Markdown? Just add [[foo]] as intrawiki
link syntax.

>   - Most \W characters can be safely used

Yeah, that is true for Markdown.

>   - Package names (CamelCase) can be used without them being
>     transformed into links

I find CamelCaseLinking annoying as well. However, I do like how
it seems to gently guide people into picking NounsAsPageNames,
whereas random contributors tend [[to make really stupid]]
choices when given free-form links only. Good tools (page
renaming etc.) can help steer against that, but CamelCaseLinking
makes it less necessary to take corrective action in the first
place. However, it’s also just plain damn ugly. :-/

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