A. Pagaltzis schrieb:
> * Amir E. Aharoni <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2006-05-28 23:00]:
>> The popularity of Wikipedia made Media-Wiki syntax the de-facto
>> standard. It's not perfect, but please don't reinvent the wheel
>> (even though it's a PHP wheel).
> [..]
> Noone other than Mediawiki uses the Mediawiki syntax. I posit
> that the reason is that that syntax blows chunks.

I have to agree. '''''bold and italic''''' is definitely not what I
understand as an intuitive syntax.

I did some work on designing an easy wiki syntax for a wiki plugin for
my (yet another...)[1] webdev framework. I looked at the syntax of
several wikis and tried to create an easy to write (and to parse)
syntax: http://gedankenkonstrukt.de/konstrukt/syntax.html

This actually has been implemented and works fine. It's not released yet
and also not intended to be a base for a perl6-wiki. I'm just posting it
to suggest a possible syntax. Interestingly it is very similar to
Markdown although I never heard about it before :)


[1]: I believe everyone has to build one on its own ;)

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