Steffen Schwigon schrieb:
> Thomas Wittek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> An other acceptable solution would be to create a backwards
>> compatible P6 and create a new with an all new
>> interface, like Mark suggested.

> I would strongly expect the CGI module to do the same as it did for
> the last 200 years and create another name for any new school web
> development. Catalyst, Jifty, Acme, Acyou, SillyIdol, WhatEver.

So we might agree ;) Catalysy, Jifty [..] are all "higher level"
complete frameworks. I used for rather lower level tasks
(POST/GET-parsing, HTTP redirects, ...) than as a foundation to build
complete applications (where the higher level framework come in).

So I think that there should be a (well designed) module for those lower
level (donkeywork) tasks and only for those (so definitely no

Other frameworks (or simple CGI-scripts or even a backwards compatible could be built upon this foundation.


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