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Amir E. Aharoni wrote:
>>   * Anything else that should go into the requirements?
> It would be even cooler if the command
> $ p6explain 'some_user_defined_sub'
> would display prettily-formatted pod for that sub and would work
> transparently, regardless of whether this sub is defined in the Perl
> standard library, CPAN module, or user's own code. 

That's what we'll call `perldoc', and would be _very_ helpfull indeed,
but is vastly beyond the scope of my project idea.
But if it's made right (and I plan to do so), that should be easy to
incorporate into perldoc.

If you want to, you may consider it as a perldoc subproject, but for now
completely separated ;)

[imaginary, cool perldoc]

> Integrate that tool with Emacs, and you've got a self-documenting Perl 6 IDE 
> ;)

I'm sure somebody will integrate it (not me, I use vim ;-), and for
other editors as well.

>> * Is it possible to implement it satisfactory without building a p6
>>   compiler?
> Syntax highlighters work even with code that doesn't necessarily
> compile, so probably the answer is yes.

Yes, Juerd++ convinced me so far ;)

> But if this tool could peek into the compiler's syntax tree

... it would have to deal with syntactically correct perl programs,
which is not my intention.

>>   * Do you have a good idea for a project name?
> I really wish that such project just DIDN'T have a name, at least not
> at the end-user level. If it will have a name, there's a chance that
> it will join the army of Free Software programs with awful names such
> as YELP.
> It can just be a part of perldoc - that's one good name.

for the ultimate goal that's true, but for the intermediate goal that I
described in my first mail a name would still be useful - even if it
disappears in the end.


Moritz Lenz
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