Steffen Schwigon wrote:
> Moritz Lenz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> considering the vast number of Operators and the like, I had the
>> idea to implement a tool where you can enter a small piece of p6
>> syntax, and it explains what that might mean. (like a perldoc -f for
>> operators/syntax elements instead of functions)
> I really like the idea.

Good ;)

>>   * Is it possible to implement it satisfactory without building a
>>     p6 compiler?
> It should ultimately be independent from building yet another compiler
> subproject. Else you don't find enough comrades to follow.

Aye. I think Juerd's suggestion to make it character based is probably
the best.

> I suggest not starting with an implementation but with the base
> description itself in any form. That might be a simple text file in
> pugs svn or a wiki page. That's step 1, IMHO.
> Do you think it's possible to extract and collect all the operators
> and descriptions from the synopses into one common place?

Not automatically, sadly.

> If we had such a collection we would then format it in a second step
> into a structured collection and the third step is a frontend to that,
> the easiest part, IMHO.

Since we'll have to skim though the synopsis and compile that file
manually, it would be a good idea to actually write it in a form of
semantic markup in the first place.

> Step 1 is the real challenge, isn't it?



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