Moritz Lenz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Hi,
> considering the vast number of Operators and the like, I had the
> idea to implement a tool where you can enter a small piece of p6
> syntax, and it explains what that might mean. (like a perldoc -f for
> operators/syntax elements instead of functions)

I really like the idea.

> Now I'd like to hear your opinion:
>   * Is it useful at all?


>   * Is it possible to implement it satisfactory without building a
>     p6 compiler?

It should ultimately be independent from building yet another compiler
subproject. Else you don't find enough comrades to follow.

I suggest not starting with an implementation but with the base
description itself in any form. That might be a simple text file in
pugs svn or a wiki page. That's step 1, IMHO.

Do you think it's possible to extract and collect all the operators
and descriptions from the synopses into one common place?

If we had such a collection we would then format it in a second step
into a structured collection and the third step is a frontend to that,
the easiest part, IMHO.

Step 1 is the real challenge, isn't it?

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