> I've repeatedly encountered remarks about how much Perl 6
> development is constrained by the fairly severe time and
> energy constraints of its overwhelmingly volunteer
> development team.

I think that is a valid point.
On the other hand the language has to become mature gradually, and that
process can't be sped up easily. But I think in many areas we have reached
that maturity now.

> So over the next few months, I'm planning to learn about
> fundraising, and see what I can accomplish on behalf of Perl
> 6 development.

Very nice.

> To that end, I'm soliciting:
> (1) your suggestions for preparation,
> (2) your ideas for proposals, and
> (3) your reasons why the Perl 6 ecosystem (including Parrot
>     and CPAN6) is one of the world's greatest and and most
>     extremely leveraged causes (technically, economically,
>     and socially).
> I'll also put whatever fundraising-oriented material I come
> up with on the Perl 6 wiki, to help and encourage others
> along similar lines.

I'd like to raise the question what to do with the money, assuming that
you can acquire some.

I see two possible route:

1) Let The Perl Foundation decide what to do with the money
advantage: they already have a comitee (is that really an advantage? ;-)
disadvantage: they seem to think that Perl 6 on Parrot is _the_ and the
only way to go. (There's nothing wrong with rakudo and parrot, but Perl 6
is, by definition, a language. And it should have multiple

2) Decide it in some other way, without involvement from TPF.
advantage: presumably no bias towards one implementation
disadvantage: we have to think of a way to decide who gets the money. (And
hackers tend to not wanting to decide such things, and invest time into

As for your third point, why Perl 6 (+parrot) is the all empowering
 * it unites many programming paradigms
 * simple but powerful parsing facilities
 * modern concurrency (think STM, autothreading)
 * mechanisms to easily interoperate with other languages
 * it's easy to use libraries from other dynamic languages
 * backwards compatibility to perl 5 (not on the language level though)


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