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[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Conrad Schneiker

> So over the next few months, I'm planning to learn about
> fundraising, and see what I can accomplish on behalf of Perl
> 6 development. To that end, I'm soliciting:

It's not really a money problem. It's finding someone to give the money
to. I've been trying to force money on some people to work on Perl 6,
but they don't wants it, for whatever reason. Part of that is that TPF
officers aren't supposed to get grant money.

And, before you think about raising money, check how much money TPF
actually has. There is still half of the NLNet's $70k to be
distributed. for instance. It's not a fundraising problem. Find a
person who would take money before you spend too much time finding the
money. Targeted fundraising is more effective anyway :)

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