> I've seen that Daniel Ruoso applied for a grant for his smop project,
> basically a virtual machine and fast backend for kp6, and perhaps other
> implementations.
> TPF decided not to invest into yet another implementation.

I appreciate that it is a subtle distinction to make, too subtle to
reasonably be guessed at from someone in the Perl community at large, but
the Grants Committee does _NOT_ define TPF policy.

The GC is autonomous.  It is populated by respected members of the
community.  I think what was demonstrated is that there is a certain amount
of lag-time between where the larger Perl community is (which has both p5
and p6 aspects) and the constituents of the GC, who were chosen when p6
wasn't strongly on the radar.  The result of this is that there is an
impedance mismatch.  It will get better with time as membership turns over.
In fact, things are changing currently.

- Richard

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