On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 7:38 PM, Dave Rolsky <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Feb 2008, Joshua Gatcomb wrote:
>  > I am mostly ignoring the rest of what others have said in this thread
>  > because I think it is detracting from your intention of getting money to
>  > people to work more.  Here is one thing that has frustrated me about TPF.
>  > They are a non-profit organization.  Yeah, kind of suprising that would be
>  > the frustrating thing.  The issue is that they can't take money from Bob to
>  > give to Sue to work on Bob's widget.  This is an extreme oversimplification
>  > but in general, they have to abide by the rules that allow them to keep
>  > their non-profit status.  Where am I going with this?
>  This doesn't make any sense to me. There's nothing about being a nonprofit
>  that prevents TPF from accepting donations targeted to a specific program.
>  There's a bit of accounting overhead to make it happen, but it's perfectly
>  legal and in keeping with TPF's 501c3 status and its mission.

I don't know but I think I was told at least once that TPF cannot
handle donations
targeted to a specific person. That might of course be different then targeting
at specific program, I am not familiar what 501c3 means.

Personally - and there might be few others - I'd be much more
comfortable to give
money to a specific target or person than to a general pool.

What I was hoping for a long time is to be able to give a modest amount
on a monthly basis. Currently AFAIK TPF can only accept stand alone payments.

IMHO many people in the community would be ready to give 5-10-20 USD/month but
it would be much harder to get them give 100 or 200 USD once a year.

How hard would it be to enable (Paypal?) recurring monthly payments to TPF?
How hard would it be to allow people to target their money to a
specific project/person?

TPF can then still focus on raising money from corporations.


Gabor Szabo

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