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It can be done as a library, take a look at Perl6 grammars.

It has been done for perl5. See PLP on CPAN.

Sure there are many way to do this in Perl already.

But better have a single, standard, and out-of-the-box solution.

By making Perl a more developer friendly language to the web,
definitely it will be a new wave..

        I agree, but I think there's a better way to go about it.

My understanding is that Perl6 will not come with any modules at all, with the intent being that the Systems Administrator will them have to install some, rather than the current case where they install Perl, claim that they support Perl, and then never have the modules that you (ie. the customer) want.

What I think is more likely to happen in reality is that people will make various Perl6 "distros", ie. the Perl6 core + whatever modules are suitable to the purpose. So we could have, for example:

Diamonds: Perl6 for the web distro (Web people make mony, buy diamonds)
Hearts: Perl6 for bioinformatics distro (bioinformatics, heart, you get the
        idea :) )
Clubs: Perl6 for systems administrators (club users, before they club you)
Spades: Perl6 for gravediggers (??? :) )

Naturally, the "Diamonds" mentioned above would include a particular templating system, some XML support, modules for various useful protocols, and the like.

Having said all that, I think I'd be interested in seeing a core Templating module as the underlying module for all others (something with the functionality of Text::Template, but maybe a more powerful API), not just for use with the web, but for use in other contexts too (ie. the generation of config files from templates).

I guess I can see the value in many of the existing templating systems, but would like to see a single one designed in a "postmodern" fashion that can accomodate the supporters of all existing templating systems.


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