Hello world, 

I never posted here and never contributed to perl6 in any way but i
would like to share my mind about it ...

On Sat, Dec 13, 2008 at 01:34:44PM +1100, Timothy S. Nelson wrote:
> On Sat, 13 Dec 2008, howard chen wrote:
>       What I think is more likely to happen in reality is that people will  
> make various Perl6 "distros", ie. the Perl6 core + whatever modules are  
> suitable to the purpose.  So we could have, for example:

... and confuse the users by adding more names in the perl6 world. There
is allready too much words about perl6. Please concider that a newbie
will hear words like PGE,perl6,rakudo,pugs,parrot,PIR,PASM ... 

The next point, for me, is that distributions and bundles are just
useless: there are a lot of modules that comes with de standard
distribution i never used and i imagine that no sysop can imagine what
are *my* needs as netop:

- do i need to generate pdf reports to my boss?
- does my servers deal with apple or windows world? 
- what kind of applications are running on my servers? 

depending to the answers, a lot of modules that would be very important
for one sysop will be useless for me.

when i compare my expects to my observations of others computers users,
i thinks that the best way to distribute perl6 and make it popular is to
provide a minimal installation with a powerfull tool to discover and
install perl6 modules (as dpkg/aptitude/synaptic does).

searching by tags, description, names, using cpan as we use google ...

> Diamonds: Perl6 for the web distro (Web people make mony, buy diamonds)
> Clubs: Perl6 for systems administrators (club users, before they club you)
> Spades: Perl6 for gravediggers (??? :) )
>       Naturally, the "Diamonds" mentioned above would include a particular  
> templating system, some XML support, modules for various useful 
> protocols, and the like.

- my sysop tasks requires template systems, do i have to install diamonds?
  (i think that you think about install Clubs and adding templating
  modules but this is confusing for new people)
- my minimal set for Diamonds contains LMTP,IPP,XMPP,... but a lot of
  web developpers don't deal with them .. so what to choose ? 

>       I guess I can see the value in many of the existing templating systems, 
> but would like to see a single one designed in a "postmodern" fashion  
> that can accomodate the supporters of all existing templating systems.

this could be called Utopia!


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