On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 03:45:48AM -0700, Perl wrote:
> Moritz was one of the first to guide it to the idea of making a logo for 
> Rakudo Perl 6 - as there's nothing yet (really) available. I thought that 
> would be a neat project and scratch some of my person itches.

It would be a very neat project.  It will solve some immediate and 
pressing needs.

> Here's some notes I've collected about what people have said Rakudo Perl 
> 6 is, which is a good baseline on what a logo should try to reflect and 
> communicate:
> [...]

I'll start with my summarized thoughts first, then a few specifics below.
First, I totally agree that Rakudo Perl needs a logo, and the sooner 
we can get one to start using on our website (which we're now creating)
and other materials, the better.  So, your thoughts and ideas are
quite welcome.

Beyond that, I think your message has neatly captured many of the facets
of what we're working with (and yes, there are a lot of facets).  The
message reminds me of some of Larry's "State of the Onion" addresses --
looking at many sides of the Perl (in this case Rakudo Perl 6) world.

So, my primary comment is that I find myself very much in agreement
with your proposal, and a strong hope that you'll continue on in this
direction.  I agree with the idea of the style guide and some simple 
elements that people can combine together in very expressive and
beautiful ways.  Indeed, it sounds very much like you're proposing
an ideographic system for Rakudo Perl, where can combine graphic
symbols for ideas together.  That feels very Perlish and Rakudoish
to me -- I like it.

So, I'd say "press on" and let us see what you come up with.  :-)

Some other minor reflections on your post:

> One of the main fears with this name, "Rakudo Perl 6" - at least when it 
> first came out, is that describing Rakudo Perl as, "An implementation 
> (one of possibly, many) of the Perl 6 Specification, built on top of the 
> Parrot Virtual Machine", will leave people going,
>       "Huh?!"
> I think this is a good reason as anything, to think of getting a visual 
> representation of this, somewhat complicated idea out ASAP.

I agree fully about the need for a visual representation;  as far as
the name goes I'm hoping that people will think of "Rakudo Perl" in
a manner to the way that we currently think of "Strawberry Perl" or
"Vanilla Perl".

> Taking a step back from this soup of ideas and thinking of a logo  
> itself, it seems that it would help to produce something that's made of 
> somewhat interlocking and inter-related pieces: Perl on Parrot has two 
> separate pieces that come together and complete an idea. But there's 
> other things that could take, "Perl's" place, so it's really,
>       $x on Parrot
> It seems that if a logo would be made, we can modularize, say, that  
> Parrot part and use it for other things - same with the Perl part, if  
> you get into it. 

I can't really speak for what Parrot will want or need, as they already 
have a (very nice) logo.  But having a symbol to represent Parrot in 
the system you propose would likely be very workable.

> What I really *really* need now is some feedback for any and all of the 
> above research and braindump. 

My feedback is essentially "Sounds fantastic!" and I'm eager to see
where it leads.  If I can be of further help, please ask!


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