Thank you for pointing this out.  This is a reality I've lived with for so
long that it didn't even cross my mind to caution others (who haven't been
so tied up in the legal and organizational aspects of Perl) when this thread

O'Reilly is the only organization that can have trademarks that incorporate
a camel in reference to the Perl programming language.  This statement is a
first-order approximation, but damn good one.  Basically, the message is:
stay away from using camels.

 - Richard

On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 12:12 PM, <> wrote:

> > Justin Simoni
> You may have to be careful about the camel imagery; I think O'Reilly have
> a legal lock on camel-related graphics in association with Perl. Richard
> Dice can probably give you more details.
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