thanks for the replies!
I have a better understanding of these performance issues now.

(sidenote: replacing $i++ with $i = $i + 1 in my original example gives a 4 times speed up).

Hi Chris,

In addition to Patrick's excellent reply, I'd like to mention that one way to help the project is to just write code in Perl 6. This is a good way to find bugs, including performance bugs.

One little project I'm doing is I'm porting the benchmarks from the Debian language shootout to Perl 6. I figure this is a good place to start because each benchmark is designed to test one specific aspect of the language. I've only done a couple of benchmarks. If you are interested, why don't you help me? Porting benchmarks is a good way to learn Perl 6.

Yes, why not?
I was planning to exercise a little bit, anyhow.

google gave me this:

Do you keep an overview somewhere on what you've done so far?


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