Fagyal Csongor wrote:
I very much agree with Patrick: an order-of-magnitude speed difference compared to Perl5 is kind of the point where many will just stop caring about performance and start using Rakudo/Perl6. Actually I expect a significant increase in the number of new Perl6ers at around < 100x slower. (That, and the 10 "most important" Perl5 CPAN modules ported to Perl6 :))

When C bindings are available, you can rewrite the bottlenecks in C. We know that 80% of the time is spent in 20% of the code. I suspect that that would suffice for early adopters.

I think it would be nice to have some sort of a performance-tracking page, with just some very basic Perl5 / Perl6 code and very rough measurements. If noone will do that, I will :)

Help me port the Debian shoot out benchmarks to Perl 6. Then you'll have the benchmarks you need for your page. If the benchmarks are well designed, your page will be not only nice but also useful.


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