Fagyal Csongor <conc...@conceptonline.hu> writes:
> However, performance is an issue. I would not mind running into
> bugs, writing some extra code to work around missing stuff, etc.,
> but right now it is just hard to find any projects (for me - YMMV)
> where performance would not be a blocker.

I suggest to start using it as replacement for sysadmin automation
tasks. The same way Perl started to replace sh/sed/awk. This would not
need all the funky OO or FP features you get with Perl 6 but many of
those tasks are not speed critical and still of practical use and
would already benefit from the syntax cleanup compared to Perl 5.

Not that I had started doing this yet by myself but I'm more and more
converging to it. :-)

The very easy building of Rakudo since the last releases took most of
the excuses out of the way. Thanks for that, by the way, Rakudo|Parrot
developers, it's highly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Steffen Schwigon <s...@renormalist.net>
Dresden Perl Mongers <http://dresden-pm.org/>
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