On 12/29/2010 08:02 AM, Gabor Szabo wrote:
> I'd be happy to get your input on how else would you put this question or
> what possible other answers you would allow.

Here are some very rough ideas:

How much do you know about Perl 6?
 * nothing except the name
 * some design ideas or history
 * enough for very simple programs
 * solid knowledge

How do you keep informed about Perl 6 (multiple answers)?
 * I don't
 * general tech news sites (slashdot, reddit, lwn, ...)
 * mailing lists
 * Perl 6 specific blogs or blog aggregators
 * other (please comment)

What do you think about the relation between 5 and 6
 * I don't
 * Perl 6 hurts Perl 5
 * Perl 5 benefits from Perl 5
 * The two are mostly independent


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