Let me just give a probably totally irrelevant comment here.
I think most of the open source projects have been in use by
many people in production environment before the project had
a "production release". I guess there are still places that think
Linux is not good for their production environment.

Probably it is true for all the projects Pm mentioned but a lot of others
as well. I remember I was using svn from v0.32 or so. In most technologies
I am a very late "early adopter".

I believe Rakudo and Perl 6 will see a gradual increase in use as
they improve, get faster, have more modules etc. It will probably happen a
long time before any official 1.0 release will be seen. (if ever)

It is very frustrating that the progress is so slow and I can't yet
use it for my daily work.
It would make both my programming life and my "marketing" life a lot
easier if I could use Rakudo at my clients.
But can I seriously complain about the slow progress?
Have I made a lot (or any) effort to help Rakudo?
I wish I had some time contributing to the effort.


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