Am 22.02.2011 16:57, schrieb Gabor Szabo:
He, as a sysadmin would like to do the small tasks in a relatively
small language. He would like to make sure the modules/applications
he will download and will have to support are in such a relatively small

Whatever Perl 6 will turn out to be, it won't be a small language.
If I have any influence, it will be a language that's pleasant to write and to use (and it largely is already), but it's not small. (Neither is Perl 5 a small language; Perl 6 is just another step larger).

We can't be everybody's darling, as much as we would love to.

I wouldn't be opposed to stripping down some parts of Perl 6 a bit, and make them available by loading (core) modules, but that's not the Perl 6 we are working on, but rather a different beast.

Arne Wichmann wrote:
> My other gripe is that perl5 nowadays already is too big - it takes
> too much memory and time for small tasks. But that is only secondary.

Here's the waterbed again: if we push it down on the one side and make it pleasant to use, other parts (resource usage) go up. That said, early Java compilers and VMs also sucked in terms of resource usage. We'll just have to see how well Perl 6 can be optimized, and if/when we can muster the resources to do it.


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