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> This is not a criticism of anything. I am not a core developer but need to
> be aware of what to expect when Perl 6 settles down into a production-ready
> state. The Perl 6 binary within the January release of Rakudo Star is 10Mb
> on my Snow Leopard system. Do I take it that the Perl 6 binary is, by
> design, much larger than the current Perl 5.12 (1.6Mb) or is it simply that
> the Perl 6 binary is likely to lose more weight during the refinement
> process? In other words, is there a ballpark for how big the Perl 6 binary
> will be when development settles down?

I doubt anyone can tell you how big the binary will be with any degree of

WRT the size of your Perl 5 binary ... how big is your libperl?  A good
chunk of the work also lives there.  For instance, on my system,
/usr/bin/perl is about 1.2 mb and /usr/lib/libperl.so.5.10.1 is about 1.4
mb.  (and Rakudo Perl 6 is about 5.6 mb).

I don't know about any of the other Perl 6 implementations, but Rakudo Perl
6 currently doesn't have a separate libperl6, nor is it highly optimized for
size or speed. Once that effort starts, it's anybody's guess as to what the
binary will look like.

I guess you could say it's that way "by design" because most of the effort
has been focused on the grand whirlpool of implementing the spec then
adjusting the spec once we have some experience with the implementation,
then implementing that new spec and so on.

hope this helps,


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