On Wed, 2011-23-11 at 17:58 +0400, Richard Hainsworth wrote:
> In addition, let me say this. It has been over five years since perl6 
> was first mooted and progress has been slow. But slow progress and 
> justifications for the slow progress are not excuses. Some things do 
> take a long time.
> Five years seem an eternity in the frenetic world of dot_coms and the 
> like. But it is not a long time in other areas of human activity.
> Wanting perl6 to be finished will not help it happen. Nor will acidic 
> comments.

I appreciate this.  To me it seems more like 10 years.

> I am responding to these questions because I think it will help rakudo 
> to evolve faster if the work of the developers is placed in context and 
> their achievements are praised.
> I truly love perl6! I really would like for it to be blisteringly fast. 
> I worry it will never be truly fast because it is so complex, but only 
> the future will tell.
> So how to get things moving faster? 

I think a reasonable answer to "production ready" is when there is a
working rakudo package in Debian stable.  I see that parrot made it into
squeeze (i'm still using etch ... don't ask) and I see rakudo is now in


Looks like it's time for me to setup a wheezy box.  It appears that the
best guess for a wheezy release is August 2013:


Perhaps this would be a better answer for the skeptical.


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