On Thu, 2011-24-11 at 12:43 +0100, Raphael Descamps wrote:
> I think that it's a common misconception: a time-frame of 10-20 years
> for developing a "new" programming language is absolutely normal.

It's also worth looking at C++.  This is a good reference:

Stroustrup documented the adoption rate quite carefully.  See p36:

The table on p36 of the paper is also in the book.

After 10 years C++ had 50,000 users.  It's not the same as perl6 but
it's worth comparing.  Since C++ was originally built on C and perl6 is
being built on parrot, a straight comparison of user counts is not
completely valid.

There's a bit more here:


All things considered, perl6 is doing ok.


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