Hi everyone,

There was some discussion on #perl6 yesterday on what requirements are
necessary for Perl 6 to be considered "production ready", and moritz++
made a quick list (https://gist.github.com/moritz/5082925) of the top of
his head including deployment in major free OSes.  This is one area
where I feel I could be of help, as I feel it's extremely important to
have Linux/BSD packages in order to be taken seriously, and it's
something that doesn't require intimate knowledge of how Rakudo works.

I already have my own package for Arch Linux for Rakudo Star, and I keep
the OS X homebrew package up-to-date as well.  I'd like to create an RPM
spec file and a DEB spec file as well.  I have two questions:

1) Do these spec files belong in the Rakudo Star repository?

2) Which makes more sense: having a Rakudo Star package that depends on
a separate Rakudo package (so Rakudo Star would only consist of modules
and applications), or having a Rakudo Star package that conflicts with a
separate Rakudo package (so users may install one or the other)?  I
think the former is less confusing (the latter may lead to people asking
"well, which one do I install"), but the former is probably a little
harder to do.


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