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> Hi all!
> From http://perldoc.perl.org/functions/substr.html:
> substr has a 4th argument (or you can use substr as an lvalue) for 
> replacement.
> From http://doc.perl6.org/routine/substr I don't see any way to do a 
> replacement. What is the idiomatic way of doing a positional string 
> replacement in Perl 6? Thanks!

Method form:
$ perl6 -e 'my $s = "abc"; $s.substr-rw(1,1) = "z"; say $s;'

Function form:
$ perl6 -e 'my $s = "abc"; substr-rw($s, 1,1) = "z"; say $s;'

I also do not see substr-rw in doc.perl6.org.
It needs to be added.
In the meantime, you can find it here:

Hope this helps,
Bruce Gray (Util of PerlMonks)

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