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> I could continue with other Perl 5 deficiencies (no strict by default,

Using strict *STILL* is not enabled by default for perl6
one-liners either:

$ perl6 -e'my Int $this = 1; $thıs++; say $this;'
$ perl6 -Mstrict -e'my Int $this = 1; $thıs++; say $this;'
===SORRY!=== Error while compiling -e
Variable '$thıs' is not declared. Did you mean '$this'?
at -e:1
------> my Int $this = 1; ⏏$thıs++; say $this;

That, IMHO, is a huge deficiency!

> lack of easy threading, too many globals, obscure regex syntax), but the 
> individual problems aren't the point. My main point is that large parts 
> of Perl 5 are still stuck in the past, with no good way forward.

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