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> On Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 4:45 AM, Marc Chantreux <kha...@phear.org> wrote:
> >complete different usage but it would be nice to have a flag for "use
> >strict" both in perl5 and 6
> /me nominates -W as "a bigger -w" .. oh wait, -W already exists as a
> depreciated-in-my-view perl5 flag.
> In that case, I also like "-E" as "run a one-liner, as if it was loaded
> from a file" which would disable laxness in one-liners, for those who are
> so inclined.

This is actually what I've been thinking during this discussion. I'm not
really seeing a pressing need for strict in one-liners, but
phiosophically, I can understand why one might want to have strict on in
all cases. So, if we think this is something that actually needs
solving, this mechanism seems reasonable to me.

> This discussion got me looking at http://design.perl6.org/S19.html which
> may need an update, it says perl6 has no "-M" but Rakudo supports it; which
> is correct?

The 5to6.pod document in the doc directory says it does exist. I lean
towards feeling the docs should be more correct/reliable than the design
documents, as that's where people outside the p6 creation bubble will be
looking for info (not that, at the moment, they necessarily *are* more
correct/reliable - work in progress and all...).

All that said, there doesn't, at a quck glance, seem to be any
equivalent to Perl 5's perlrun document, which would detail the
command line flags. Maybe I'll take a shot at something like that in
the coming days.


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