I am evidently confused as to the relationship, if any, between the 'rakudobrew' utility and the Rakudo::Star distribution.

Several weeks ago, when it became apparent that there would be delays in the release of a Rakudo Star distribution with the "Christmas" release in it, I executed the following commands to install Rakudo Perl 6.

$ rakudobrew install moar
$ rakudobrew install panda
$ panda install Task::Star

IIRC, I found these instructions at several locations, including this helpful blog post:


The results:

[$ which perl6

$ perl6 -v
This is Rakudo version 2015.12-235-g172a92b built on MoarVM version 2015.12-29-g8079ca5 implementing Perl 6.c.

And off I went to learn Perl 6.

Today, I saw Tobias Leich's message on this list, "Announce: Rakudo Star Release 2016.01", as well as Coke's blog post here: http://blogs.perl.org/users/coke/2016/02/rakudo-perl-6-compiler---2016011-released.html

So, I thought, oh good, now I can upgrade. I repeated the above commands, with mixed results. On the one hand, the first two commands ran without incident. But when I said 'perl6 -v', I got the same Rakudo version as several weeks ago. So it appears I didn't upgrade at all.

On the other hand, when I ran 'panda install Task::Star', I got this inelegant output:

$ panda install Task::Star
==> Fetching Task::Star
==> Building Task::Star
==> Testing Task::Star
==> Installing Task::Star
Task::Star:ver<*>:auth<>:api<> already installed
in block at /home/jkeenan/.rakudobrew/moar-nom/install/share/perl6/site/sources/C6FEA515A97C45ED8F92BCF5038BA028C9CE9CC0 line 61 in sub indir at /home/jkeenan/.rakudobrew/moar-nom/install/share/perl6/site/sources/5AEF9DA5AE15E5AB5CB2ADB58A455E007FA7839E line 20 in method install at /home/jkeenan/.rakudobrew/moar-nom/install/share/perl6/site/sources/C6FEA515A97C45ED8F92BCF5038BA028C9CE9CC0 line 42 in method install at /home/jkeenan/.rakudobrew/moar-nom/install/share/perl6/site/sources/9036849E1656E91211D00AB4530B81D29A7D6E82 line 161 in method resolve at /home/jkeenan/.rakudobrew/moar-nom/install/share/perl6/site/sources/9036849E1656E91211D00AB4530B81D29A7D6E82 line 234 in sub MAIN at /home/jkeenan/.rakudobrew/moar-nom/install/share/perl6/site/resources/76CD539C815A33F2891D2EF3D6D96B1081567AD1 line 18 in block <unit> at /home/jkeenan/.rakudobrew/moar-nom/install/share/perl6/site/resources/76CD539C815A33F2891D2EF3D6D96B1081567AD1 line 150

Actually thrown at:
in method install at /home/jkeenan/.rakudobrew/moar-nom/install/share/perl6/site/sources/C6FEA515A97C45ED8F92BCF5038BA028C9CE9CC0 line 44 in method install at /home/jkeenan/.rakudobrew/moar-nom/install/share/perl6/site/sources/9036849E1656E91211D00AB4530B81D29A7D6E82 line 161 in method resolve at /home/jkeenan/.rakudobrew/moar-nom/install/share/perl6/site/sources/9036849E1656E91211D00AB4530B81D29A7D6E82 line 234 in sub MAIN at /home/jkeenan/.rakudobrew/moar-nom/install/share/perl6/site/resources/76CD539C815A33F2891D2EF3D6D96B1081567AD1 line 18 in block <unit> at /home/jkeenan/.rakudobrew/moar-nom/install/share/perl6/site/resources/76CD539C815A33F2891D2EF3D6D96B1081567AD1 line 150

So, I'm confused as to whether I have any version of "Rakudo Star" at all. My guess is that I've actually simply built, via rakudobrew, Perl6 on Moar twice. Is that correct?

Thank you very much.
Jim Keenan

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