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>> I see Moritz replied to this also saying that the tarball is the way to
>> go. I'd love to know what I'm missing out on by doing it this way.
> Probably nothing right now.
> The big issue will come later: rakudo HEAD will be working toward a v6.d
> spec in the future, while Star will continue to target v6.c. (I think I've
> already seen a v6.d-targeted proposed spec change.) So Star will get you a
> stable language, whereas rakudobrew will get you a moving target that might
> produce surprises.

Actually, each Rakudo Star release is going to still be based on some
monthly Rakudo compiler release. Those releases will begin to have
support for more than one Perl 6 language spec at the same time;
You'll declare what your code is running with something like:

use v6.c


use v6.d.a # alpha version of 6.d

But there is only going to be one actual compiler at a time; there
won't be 6.c and 6.d releases that are separate in the run up to a
fully compliant 6.d release (like perl 5 would have)


> At this point, rakudobrew should probably only be used by people developing
> the perl 6 spec, and/or rakudo & components. If you want to *use* Perl 6,
> you want Star.
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