It doesn't sound you are using Rakudo Star but a vendor packaged
version of plain Rakudo.

It's Rakudo Star, but packaged by Fedora

Maybe Fedora have packaged panda separately and its in another SRPM/spec file?

Panda is not available.
Fedora does not look to support Perl6 actively for now.

Do you have a URL to the file(s) you are using?

I have just updated the version in the spec file to use Rakudo Star 2016.04


On 11 May 2016 at 13:28, Sebastien Moretti <> wrote:
I have a particular installation, so I follow Fedora spec files and at the
end no panda.
And no mention of panda in spec files.

I can easily install panda by myself but I am faced with module path issues.

Rakudo Star 2016.04 comes with panda but it's no longer in the same
directory as "perl6" so you will need to add it to the path.

If you install from source then it will display the path you need at
the end of the last step.

On a system which uses the --prefix /opt/rakudo-star-2016.04 panda
will be installed under

You don't need to change the library installation location.


On 11 May 2016 at 12:33, Sebastien Moretti <>


I have installed Perl 6 Rakudo Star 2016.04 but it comes without panda.
So I try to install panda and its requirements (Shell::Command, ...)

I think the best place for those libraries are in /usr/share/perl6/lib or

Unfortunately once installed, perl6 cannot find them because it looks
/usr/share/perl6/ or /usr/share/perl6/site|vendor/, not in sub-directory
in those folders.

So what is the best/common place to install Perl6 modules?
Alternatively how to change the Perl6 behavior to look into lib


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