It's probably useful experimenting with star itself and RPM but I
suspect bundling many modules inside one RPM isn't really the RPM way.

Probably there should be something like  "rakudo-moar",
"rakudo-docs-noarch" RPM and a "rakudo-moar-panda" (or similar name)

Handling rakudo-star versioned modules and the upstream ones is likely
to be problematic maybe RPM has a metapackage which can be used for
"rakudo-star-modules" made up of separate RPMs

On 11 May 2016 at 14:17, Bennett Todd <> wrote:
> Agreed. I too found panda didn't successfully install, so I just switched 
> from rakudo-star to rakudo, and I use zef. This package looks like it tries 
> to build rakudo-star, panda doesn't, it installs what bits succeed, and 
> quietly ignores those that don't.
> I think the packager should work from rakudo, and call the rpm rakudo, unless 
> they can fix the problems so panda gets built and installed.

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4096R/EA75174B Steve Mynott <>

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