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    Undeclared routine:
        qw used at line 44

Use any other bracketing than parens, eg qw[a b c d]  or qw/a b c d/

Parens are used for calling subs/methods so qw(.. ... ...) means "call
the sub named qw"

Fixing that may make the rest work too!


Hi Yary,

Thank you!  I am slowly making the p5 to p6 transition!

But, still having an issue:

44:  use Terminal::ANSIColor qw[ BOLD BLUE RED GREEN RESET ];

# perl6 -c CimTrakCheckAndResatart.pl6
===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /home/linuxutil/CimTrakCheckAndResatart.pl6
Error while importing from 'Terminal::ANSIColor':
no EXPORT sub, but you provided positional argument in the 'use' statement
at /home/linuxutil/CimTrakCheckAndResatart.pl6:44
------> NSIColor qw[ BOLD BLUE RED GREEN RESET ]⏏;

Now what am I doing wrong?

Many thanks,

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