On 02/26/2017 05:56 PM, yary wrote:

use Terminal::ANSIColor;**//___^

by itself will import color and everything else. For selectively
importing only what you want- which is good style IMHO- I looked up this


which says "Note there currently is no way for the user to import a
single object if the module author hasn't made provision for that, and
it is not an easy task at the moment (see RT #127305). One way the
author can provide such access is to give each |export| trait its own
unique tag. (And the tag can be the object name!) ..."

Maybe the answer is to not try to only import 'color'! More advanced
rakudo-er's please elaborate....

Hi Yary,

I do this so I can tell where things come from when I go
back later and try to maintain the code.

My workaround
    use Terminal::ANSIColor #  Import "color"

Comments work.


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