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    Now what am I doing wrong?

Read the POD!

I was over here at

     "This is a Term::ANSIColor module for Perl 6."

I mistook the above line a meaning a "direct replacement".
So I never went any further.  Had I gone further, it would
have been obvious.

And he doesn't link the POD.  Where is the POD by the way?

And my mistake was that I was calling out stuff on the use
line that did not exist in the module.  I thought my
syntax was messed up (still in P5), especially since
everything else I do wrong is a syntax error.

Speaking of syntax errors, what is wrong with these
two lines (not used a the same time)?

use Terminal::ANSIColor qw[ color ];
use Terminal::ANSIColor::color;

Thank you for the help!

use Terminal::ANSIColor;
        say color('bold'), "this is in bold", color('reset'); ....

=head2 C<color()>
        Given a string with color names, the output produced by C<color()>
        sets the terminal output so the text printed after it will be colored
        as specified. The following color names are recognised:
        reset bold underline inverse black red green yellow blue
        magenta cyan white default on_black on_red on_green on_yellow
        on_blue on_magenta on_cyan on_white on_default
        The on_* family of colors correspond to the background colors.  One or
        three numeric color values in the range 0..255 may also be specified:
        N # 256-color map: 8 default + 8 bright + 216 rgb cube + 24 gray
        on_N # Same, but background
        N,N,N # 24-bit r,g,b foreground color
        on_N,N,N # 24-bit r,g,b background color

In short the individual color names are no longer exportable, now use
the "color" sub.
maybe you can export only the "color" sub, and not the other subs that
module exports, if that's what you want for your code.


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