El mar., 12 jun. 2018 a las 18:56, Brandon Allbery (<allber...@gmail.com>)

> Which doesn't change the fact that there's what amounts to an
> accessibility issue.
> Do you *really* want to tell some percentage of people that they must be
> willing to use the One True Web Site, or else go away because they're not
> wanted hereabouts? Because insisting all the time that "(also: ask
> questions in StackOverflow whenever possible :-) )" is doing exactly that.

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean here. We're very happy with
questions here, and I (and everyone else) answer them whenever I can. We
ask people to *also* post them in StackOverflow if they have an account,
and want, and have the time to do so, because I personally think it helps
expand Perl6's community. It's OK if they don't. I posted the rationale
after that here
http://blogs.perl.org/users/jj_merelo/2018/04/stackoverflow-that.html I'm
sorry if it sounds like kicking people out of here, because that wasn't
really the intention.


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